Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Whenever I’m at the sink, whether it be the bathroom sink or the kitchen, one of the cats always has to come and sit on my feet. It’s usually Bebe, but sometimes it’s Elvis. I can’t help but think they’re trying to keep my feet warm, since I never wear socks around the house.

I don’t think they do it to the D-Man, just to me. Don’t ask me why.

Sometimes when I’m sitting on the couch, watching TV or doing stuff on my laptop, Mooney will come up and get on the couch with me, say “Meow meow,” and then flop over and show me his belly. When I go to rub it, he grabs my arm between his two paws and chomps down on my hand/wrist.

These crazy kittles sometimes just make absolutely no sense to me. Little weirdos.

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